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Threats to Social Security Jeopardize the Economic Security of Older Americans

Democrats recently passed the Inflation Reduction Act that strengthened Medicare and cut health care costs for older Americans. But MAGA Republicans are discussing plans that threaten to end Social Security and Medicare.

Paula Alexander

Paula Alexander pictured in September 2022. (Photo credit: Paula Alexander)

For years, Paula Alexander could not afford the medications prescribed to treat her high blood pressure and high cholesterol, putting her at increased risk of a heart attack or stroke. Now, at age 69, Paula can count on Medicare to cover the full cost of her medications, while Social Security allows her to afford necessities such as food and rent. If MAGA Republicans succeed in cutting or privatizing these programs, Paula fears that she will be unable to afford her rent and her lifesaving medications.

Medicare and Social Security keep me alive. I’m surviving on about $13,000 a year, most of it from my Social Security checks; that’s just enough to afford my rent, utilities, and food. Without Social Security, I would be homeless. And if Medicare did not pay for my medications—if I had to pay full price—I wouldn’t be able to survive. There are so many other seniors who are in the same boat. It’s hard to fathom that MAGA politicians want to take these programs away. Without them, seniors like me would die on the street. Paula Alexander

Older Americans rely on the guarantees of Social Security and Medicare to plan for retirement and stay healthy. Proposals that threaten these programs put the economic security of older Americans and future generations at risk.

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