Rights and Justice

Disability Justice Initiative

We promote policies to ensure disabled people of color and those most marginalized by ableism and other forms of oppression can participate in the economy and democracy.

View of demonstrators as they hold a banner that reads "Disability Rights are Human Rights" during a march inside Grand Central Station in New York. (Getty/Barbara Alper)

What We're Doing

Ensuring an equitable economy for people with disabilities

We broaden the public discourse by decision-makers to increase the focus on consequences of poverty and inequality for people with disabilities and their families. We also coordinate collaborative discussions between the reproductive justice and disability communities on issues of inclusive economic growth.

Repairing the social safety net for people with disabilities

We advance legislation and executive action to streamline access to programs and optimize effectiveness in serving people with low incomes, particularly people with disabilities. We defend Medicaid, Social Security, the ADA, and other policies that support people with disabilities and their families.

Centering multimarginalized identities

We develop research, policy analyses, and messaging tools to raise awareness around the specific challenges that multimarginalized disabled individuals face, particularly focusing on Black, Indigenous, people of color, LGBTQ individuals, women, and immigrants.

Advancing disability-forward, pro-voter legislation

We advance legislation and executive action that expand voter access, particularly for the disability community, and increase collaboration between the disability community and democracy groups.

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