Higher Education Policy

The Higher Education team works toward building an affordable and high-quality higher education system that supports economic mobility and racial equity.

A student at Rutgers University attends the 250th anniversary commencement ceremony on May 15, 2016, in New Brunswick, New Jersey. (Getty/Eduardo Munoz Alvarez)

What We're Doing

Improving equity

Our team explores how to reform a higher education system that is failing to adequately serve students of color and other overlooked populations, including adults, student parents, part-time students, veterans, and individuals impacted by the justice system.

Ensuring college is affordable for all students

We call for changes to make college affordable for current and future students and their families. We also work to lift the burden of student debt and fix a troubled student loan repayment system for current and future borrowers.

Ensuring quality and protecting students and taxpayers

We advocate for a system where all colleges and programs offer a path to economic security and make sure their students reach the finish line. We also seek to hold education providers, accreditors, loan servicers, and other actors accountable for their service to students and borrowers.


Compact View

After President Biden Cancels Student Debt Report

After President Biden Cancels Student Debt

Meeting the urgency of the college affordability and student debt crisis will require bold action to restore the promise of opportunity for all Americans.

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Jared C. Bass, Jesse O’Connell

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