Extreme Heat

Each year, extreme heat kills more people than any other weather-related cause in the United States and leads to substantial heat-related injuries and illnesses. These health consequences also result in costly health care system expenditures and lower economic productivity. Heat waves, fueled by climate change, have become more intense and more frequent. Accordingly, recent years have been among the hottest on record.

The Center for American Progress advocates for federal and state policies to mitigate the impacts of extreme heat on individuals and communities, particularly those at greatest risk of injury or death due to increased exposure, preexisting health conditions, and other underlying social and economic inequities. These actions include improving the technology to predict heat waves and identify effective interventions; expanding heat resilience protections; ensuring the health care system is resilient and can respond to heat events; and transitioning to a 100 percent clean energy economy to rapidly reduce carbon and other planet-warming pollution, slowing climate change and rising temperatures.

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