Investment and Funding Equity for Public Education

The K-12 Education team knows that money matters in education. Funding affects every aspect of a high-quality, well-rounded education, and there are both racial and socioeconomic disparities in investment and opportunities. States and districts are facing extreme inequities in funding, and at the same time, federal investment in education currently covers only about 8 percent of funding. We are fighting for a dramatic increase in investment and more equitable funding systems so that schools and students receive the resources they deserve. One major CAP proposal in this priority area is Public Education Opportunity Grants. This federal grant program would significantly increase federal funding for K-12 education and target it to schools that need it the most. See the K-12 Education team’s other core priority areas:

  1. Racial Equity and Community-Informed Policies
  2. College, Career, and Civic Readiness
  3. Modernizing and Elevating the Teaching Profession

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