Sectoral Bargaining


City poised to set labor standards by sector In the News

City poised to set labor standards by sector

David Madland praises a new Detroit city ordinance that would create a process for bringing together representatives of workers, employers, and the public to make recommendations around minimum compensation and standards for certain industries.

David Madland

What Is Sectoral Bargaining? Article
A custodian cleans the bathrooms at the Cecil County Health Department in Elkton, Maryland, on January 5, 2016. (Getty/Astrid Riecken)

What Is Sectoral Bargaining?

Sectoral bargaining is a form of collective bargaining that extends negotiated wages, benefits, and workplace standards across an entire occupation, industry, or region.

David Madland, Malkie Wall

Workers’ Boards: A Brief Overview Article
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Workers’ Boards: A Brief Overview

Authors Kate Andrias, David Madland, and Malkie Wall explain that by developing policies for workers’ boards, state and local policymakers can raise minimum wage rates and other benefits.

Kate Andrias, David Madland, Malkie Wall

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