Pelosi on Trump’s “impeachable offense”

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Pelosi responds to Trump’s temper tantrum

Instead of having a productive policy discussion with Democratic leaders, Trump threw a temper tantrum this morning, refusing to work with Congressional Democrats on anything for the American people until they stop investigating his crimes. (Never mind the fact that oversight is the Legislative Branch’s sworn constitutional duty.)

“I don’t do cover-ups,” said the president who paid hush money to cover up his affairs before the election, regularly had the National Enquirer “catch and kill” negative stories about him, and was involved in a dozen examples of obstruction of justice listed in the Mueller report.

Later in the day, Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave a stark response at the Center for American Progress Ideas Conference: “The president is obstructing justice, and he’s engaged in a cover-up, and that could be an impeachable offense.”

Share Speaker Pelosi’s words to spread the message: Trump can rant all he wants, but House Democrats will fulfill their constitutional duties on behalf of the American people.

We also heard from other leaders about their bold visions for tackling the problems our nation faces today. This is the picture they painted of the progressive agenda:

  • Protecting abortion rights: Rep. Katie Porter made a strong case against the recent Republican attacks on abortion access: “Our government has no business deciding my most intimate moments.”
  • Election security: When asked about U.S. efforts to improve election security, this was Rep. Abigail Spanberger’s response: “Do I think we’re doing enough? No.” Despite definitive evidence that a foreign adversary attacked our elections, Senate Majority Leader McConnell refuses to allow votes to protect our elections.
  • Health care access: Rep. Hakeem Jeffries laid out his party’s commitment to protecting quality, affordable health care access for all Americans, especially in the face of attempts to rip coverage away.
  • Helping working families: Speaker Pelosi laid out the progressive #ForThePeople agenda—a set of plans designed to improve the lives of working Americans.
  • Diversity and inclusion: Government should look like the people it represents. Rep. Sharice Davids explained why: “I’m used to being the only person like me in the room…I have to be asking the questions, because my experience and what I’m bringing to the table is valid and it’s real.”

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