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Brendan Duke

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Brendan Duke is a senior director for economic policy at American Progress. His focus is on general economic and labor market issues issues such as wages, employment, wealth, and inflation, in addition to federal tax policy.

Prior to joining American Progress, he was a senior adviser to Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO) and staff director of the U.S. Senate Finance Subcommittee on Taxation and IRS Oversight.

Previously, he was a senior policy adviser at the White House National Economic Council and volunteer on the Biden-Harris transition team. Duke estimated the cost of various provisions of the American Rescue Plan and of the Biden administration’s Build Back Better plan, as well as helped develop its overall budgetary frameworks. He also worked on the Biden-Harris administration’s Supply Chain Disruptions Task Force, where he served as the National Economic Council’s point person on supply chain data during the port congestion crisis of 2021 and the infant formula crisis of 2022.

This is Duke’s second stint at American Progress, and he has also held positions at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and Congress’ U.S. Joint Economic Committee. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Macalester College and a master’s in public affairs from Princeton University.


Compact View

Donald’s Default Report
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump leaves after giving an economic policy speech to the Detroit Economic Club, Monday, Aug. 8, 2016, in Detroit. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Donald’s Default

Donald Trump has moved into the GOP fold on economics but has not changed his dangerous position on a U.S. debt default.

Brendan Duke, Ryan Erickson, Molly Cain

The Art of the Pass-Through Report
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a rally in Dallas on Thursday, June 16, 2016. (AP/LM Otero)

The Art of the Pass-Through

Donald Trump’s tax plan doubles down on a tax trick that has helped big companies and the wealthy few avoid paying taxes.

Ryan Erickson, Brendan Duke

The Bush Tax Plan Fact Sheet

The Bush Tax Plan

Jeb Bush claims to support a “right to rise,” but his tax plan would keep the wealthy on top.

Ryan Erickson, Brendan Duke

The Middle Class at Risk Report

The Middle Class at Risk

Republicans have finally changed their rhetoric to acknowledge that stagnant wages and rising costs are squeezing middle-class families, but they are still offering the same old tired ideas that will not fix the problem.

Arkadi Gerney, Anna Chu, Brendan Duke

Fight to Raise the Wage Goes Local Report

Fight to Raise the Wage Goes Local

As city minimum-wage laws are beginning to pick up steam, evidence suggests that raising the minimum wage does not harm local jobs.

Anna Chu, Jackie Odum, Brendan Duke

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