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The cost of failing to pass the Build Back Better agenda in one chart

by Will Ragland and Ryan Koronowski

Our leaders have a choice: Building back better, or hoping the status quo is enough. Helping tens of millions of Americans, or letting them down.

Building back better means not accepting the status quo. Building back better means dropping the child poverty rate by 40 percent. Making child care, preschool, and college attainable and affordable. Guaranteeing sick, family, and medical leave. Saving hundreds of dollars in health care premiums. Making prescription drugs affordable.Taking the climate crisis seriously. Ensuring affordable housing. All of this while making corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share.

The status quo means working families get snubbed while corporations find ways to pay little or no taxes. It means child poverty goes back up. More and more extreme climate disasters. Out-of-control child care, home care, and college costs. A worsening affordable housing crisis.

It’s a clear choice, and not one that should be influenced by fossil fuel or pharmaceutical lobbyists. Not one that needs to be bogged down in legislative minutia or excuses. What the cost of inaction would mean in one chart:

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Will Ragland

Vice President, Research

Ryan Koronowski

Director of Special Research Projects, Advocacy and Outreach

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