Inclusive Growth

We work to address the deep inequities in our economy to ensure that all Americans can live secure and stable lives.

Workers install visors into a new SUV on an assembly line in Kentucky. (Getty/Bill Pugliano)

What We're Doing

Building an economy for all

We need a new social compact with business that reenvisions their obligations to society on issues such as environmental and climate matters, economic opportunity for workers, paying their fair share in taxes, and racial equality in the pursuit of more equitable, sustainable growth.

Ending disparities in public health

We work to strengthen the public health system by addressing health disparities that are not only caused by inequities in access to medical care but also by inequities in other social determinants of health, including income, education, and a person’s lived environment.

Lifting families out of poverty

We seek to ensure that every American who works a full-time job can live a life of dignity and that all Americans can rely on strong and stable support programs when they need them. This includes expanding and streamlining vital programs, increasing wages, and creating economic mobility for all. 


Protecting and advancing rights for all women

Embracing the diverse experiences and meeting the challenges faced by women across race, ethnicity, disability, sexuality, and other factors is central to inclusive growth. We work to secure women’s health, autonomy, economic stability, and access to equitable opportunities.  


Recent work


For Unionized Amazon Workers, Lessons From Italy May Hold Key to Success In the News

For Unionized Amazon Workers, Lessons From Italy May Hold Key to Success

David Madland outlines several lessons learned from the historic nationwide contracts that Amazon workers in Italy signed in 2021 and suggests a path forward for unionized workers at Amazon's Staten Island warehouse, who must now try to sign a collective bargaining agreement.

David Madland

5 Lessons From Recent Union Wins Article

5 Lessons From Recent Union Wins

American workers have won major victories at Amazon, Starbucks, and elsewhere; but Congress must act to ensure all workers can exercise their right to join a union.

Aurelia Glass

Lessons From Italian Unions’ Historic Agreement With Amazon Report

Lessons From Italian Unions’ Historic Agreement With Amazon

Facilitated by worker activism, supportive policy, and a sectoral bargaining system, unions in Italy signed a collective bargaining agreement with Amazon, offering optimism for U.S. workers seeking to negotiate with the company.

David Madland

What’s the Point? Americans’ Views on Inflation Article
An educator reads to a 6-month-old girl at a child care center in Denver.

What’s the Point? Americans’ Views on Inflation

On inflation, voters want child care support to help get people back to work—but strongly object to a rise in unemployment to lower costs.

Ruy Teixeira, John Halpin

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