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Karla Walter

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Karla Walter is the senior director of the American Worker Project at the Center for American Progress Action Fund. Walter focuses primarily on improving the economic security of American workers by increasing workers’ wages and benefits, promoting workplace protections, and advancing workers’ rights at work. Prior to joining American Progress, Walter was a research analyst at Good Jobs First, providing support to officials, policy research organizations, and grassroots advocacy groups striving to make state and local economic development subsidies more accountable and effective. She has co-authored several studies that promote economic development policies that meet workers’ needs and advocate for greater corporate accountability. Previously, she worked as a legislative aide for Wisconsin State Rep. Jennifer Shilling. Her work has been referenced in The New York Times and other newspapers. Walter earned a master’s degree in urban planning and policy from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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Higher Pay For Caregivers In the News

Higher Pay For Caregivers

Karla Walter explores how higher home care wages reduce economic hardship and improve recruitment and retention.

SEIU 775, Karla Walter

Federal Contracting Doesn’t Go Far Enough To Protect American Workers Report
A worker cleans steps prior to the arrival of the casket of late Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg at the U.S. Capitol, September 2020, in Washington. (Getty/Jonathan Ernst-Pool)

Federal Contracting Doesn’t Go Far Enough To Protect American Workers

By fixing problems in the federal contracting system, the Biden administration can raise standards for millions of workers, provide law-abiding companies the opportunity to compete on an even playing field, and ensure that taxpayers receive good value.

Karla Walter

Getting Americans Back to Work and Good Jobs Article
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Getting Americans Back to Work and Good Jobs

Karla Walter outlines key steps that must be taken to ensure that pandemic-response infrastructure investments create high-quality jobs for all working Americans.

Karla Walter

Forced Arbitration: What You Need To Know Article

Forced Arbitration: What You Need To Know

This Center for American Progress video explains why forced arbitration agreements make it harder for workers and consumers to challenge predatory practices, wage theft, and discrimination.

Malkie Wall, Karla Walter, Andy Green

The Freedom to Leave Article
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The Freedom to Leave

Karla Walter outlines why restricting noncompete agreements and banning no-poaching agreements can boost workers' pay and freedom in the economy.

Karla Walter

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