Press Release

John McCain Not a Friend to Latinos

Today, John McCain is meeting with Latino leaders in Illinois and La Opinion, the largest Spanish-language daily, has published an exclusive interview with the Republican candidate where he speaks about his position on various issues of importance to the Latino community.

While John McCain paints himself as a friend of the Latino community, a closer look at his record paints a different picture. From not supporting Head Start to changing positions in immigration to refusing to help families caught in the housing crisis, the list goes on and on.

“In this year’s elections, Latino voters are in play like never before and they need to take a real good look at where the candidates stand on issues that matter to them,” says Vanessa Cárdenas, Director of Ethnic Media at the Center for American Progress Action Fund.

“John McCain is saying one thing to Latinos and another to his anti-immigrant base,” saysDan Restrepo, Director of The Americas Project at the Center for American Progress Action Fund.“While he said he would not vote for his own immigration reform bill and embraced an enforcement first approach, now he is saying he will turn to immigration reform on Day One? Where does McCain really stand?”

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