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Poll Shows Tight Iowa Senate Race, Strong Support for Progressive Issues Ahead of Midterms
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Poll Shows Tight Iowa Senate Race, Strong Support for Progressive Issues Ahead of Midterms

Washington, D.C. A new poll commissioned for the Center for American Progress Action Fund and conducted by Public Policy Polling, or PPP, shows a tight race for the U.S. Senate in Iowa with Democrat Bruce Braley trailing Republican Joni Ersnt by just 1 percentage point. The poll suggests Braley is buoyed by strong support his stance on equal pay, a minimum-wage increase, women’s health and economic security, and common-sense gun laws.

“When politics meet the day-to-day kitchen table issues facing American families, voters move toward candidates who support policies that help grow the economy by investing in the middle class,” said Gov. Ted Strickland, President of the Center for American Progress Action Fund. “While Republican candidates have tried to shift their focus to fear mongering and attacks on the president, these surveys suggest that when voters focus on issues, such as paying wages sufficient to support a family or equal pay for women, those issues favor more progressive candidates.”

On several issues the candidates have focused on this year, polls show how out of step Republicans are:

  • Rep. Braley supports the Paycheck Fairness Act—Joni Ernst does not. In Iowa, 44 percent of voters are more likely to support Rep. Braley because of his support for equal pay.
  • As shown in many polls lately, a minimum-wage increase garners strong support. In Iowa, Joni Ernst’s overall support drops 5 percent when voters are reminded of her opposition to a minimum-wage increase, which has been an issue in the campaign.
  • When it comes to climate change, Joni Ernst has stated that she is not certain whether humans contribute to climate change, making Iowans more likely to support Rep. Bruce Braley by a 10-percentage-point margin.

The Iowa poll released today show that this race is remarkably close: Anyone could win. But no matter who wins, the poll makes clear that the public strongly supports an economic agenda that invests in the middle class and aligns with every worker’s aspiration to support their family.

This Public Policy Poll of 617 likely voters was conducted on October 30-31 with a margin of error of +/- 4 percent.

Please find the full poll here.

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