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STATEMENT: American Worker Project’s Karla Walter Cheers Fight for $15 Day of Action
Press Statement

STATEMENT: American Worker Project’s Karla Walter Cheers Fight for $15 Day of Action

Washington, D.C. — Today, on the Fight for $15 Day of Action, the American Worker Project’s Karla Walter released the following statement:

Workers across the United States are standing up today as part of the Fight for $15 movement to call for living wages and a fair path to come together in a union. The recent victories in California and New York provide evidence that the voices of working people are breaking through and make clear that working Americans are a potent political force.

While better wages are integral to the Fight for $15 movement, the fight does not stop with paystubs. The right to join a union and the right to bargain collectively are equally important, and these efforts deserve progressives’ continued support. Rebuilding unions of working people throughout the United States strengthens the middle class and gives kids a better shot at achieving the American dream. These workers are helping to build a stronger, more inclusive American economy. Policymakers in Congress and across the United States should support them by enacting legislation to increase the minimum wage for all workers and ensure that all workers can exercise their voices on the job.

The American Worker Project, part of the Center for American Progress Action Fund, conducts research to increase the wages, benefits, and security of American workers and promote their rights at work. Today, the American Worker Project released a new infographic about a $15 minimum wage and union rights. Click here to read more about the American Worker Project and its research.

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