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STATEMENT: CAP Action’s Neera Tanden Announces Launch of New Campaign to Resist Donald Trump
Press Statement

STATEMENT: CAP Action’s Neera Tanden Announces Launch of New Campaign to Resist Donald Trump

Washington, D.C. Today, the Center for American Progress Action Fund launched a new campaign committing the organization’s mission and resources to rapidly and forcefully counter Donald Trump, his administration, and their radical agenda. The Resist campaign will introduce a robust and comprehensive accountability operation, empower activism, and lay the groundwork for a progressive resurgence. As part of this new effort, Adam Jentleson, former Deputy Chief of Staff for Senator Harry Reid (NV-D), is joining CAP Action as the Senior Strategic Advisor and Rapid Response Director.

Neera Tanden, CAP Action’s President and CEO, issued the following statement:

Since our founding, the Center for American Progress Action Fund has been committed to making our country more just, free, and fair for all Americans. With the election of Donald Trump, these very principles, valued by so many Americans across the country, are now under assault.

The launch of our new Resist campaign will stand firmly to respond against the excesses of the Trump administration. His cabinet picks so far make his rhetoric to drain the swamp at best hollow and at worst a betrayal.

Trump’s ruse is unacceptable. In a moment in our history when millions of Americans are seeking economic and social justice—building on the progress that has made our country stronger—the Resist campaign will join and empower these voices to ensure that we reject Trump’s radical right-wing agenda and his plans to cater to  powerful special interests.

We will resist Trump’s efforts to undermine policies  that protect people from all walks of life, as well as the environment and the integrity of our democracy. In this effort, we will commit ourselves to work with communities and elected leaders, march on the streets, and forge ahead with progressive values. The groundwork we build today will set the path forward for a stronger future.

CAP Action’s Resist campaign launches today with new resources on the organization’s website, robust digital outreach, and accountability—such as petitions, aggressive messaging, and innovative tools to ensure elected leaders hear the voices of their constituents. The campaign will also include poignant research and stronger networks across issue-focuses.

CAP Action is deepening and broadening the opposition to the president-elect and his agenda through multiple, interconnected campaigns and community outreach. The organization has already operationalized two campaigns to counter Trump’s cabinet nominations and to protect the Affordable Care Act. In the days ahead, CAP Action will be making sure leaders hear the opposition against Trump’s nominees and the stories of Americans who would lose health care coverage.

The Resist campaign will also cultivate and empower rising progressive stars and experts to further oppose and expose the Trump agenda and the deep conflicts of interest held by him and so many of his appointees.

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