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STATEMENT: CAPAF’s Caperton on Governor Christie’s Energy Plan
Press Statement

STATEMENT: CAPAF’s Caperton on Governor Christie’s Energy Plan

Washington, D.C.—Richard Caperton, CAPAF Senior Policy Analyst with the Energy Opportunity Team, today released the following statement on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s new energy plan that slashes goals for renewable electricity generation:

“Not only is Christie doing harm to New Jersey’s thriving renewable energy industry, he’s also spending limited taxpayer dollars to provide unnecessary subsidies for new natural gas power plants. New Jersey is now providing up to $2 billion in subsidies for 2000 megawatts of natural gas plants. This is an astonishing $1 per watt, which is about what new construction for natural gas plants is expected to cost. The move is also strongly opposed by other participants in the PJM power markets, especially energy efficiency and demand response businesses who will be harmed by New Jersey’s efforts to distort the market.”

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