Energy and Environment

International Climate

International Climate engages U.S. and global leaders across sectors to support rapid, science-based emissions reductions and promote equitable climate policy.

Wind turbines generate electricity in India. (Getty/Creative Touch Imaging Ltd./NurPhoto)

What We're Doing

International partnerships

CAP engages across sectors with democratic allies to enhance and build on mitigation and adaptation commitments, expand bilateral agendas, and strengthen clean energy initiatives globally.

Climate finance and trade

CAP leverages its expertise to secure climate financing for emerging economies while identifying financial mechanisms that reduce emissions and ensure that commodities reflect climate risks.

Nature-based solutions

Nature-based solutions address the dual climate and biodiversity crises. CAP supports expanding land and ocean protections as a climate solution and using nature to help communities adapt to climate impacts.

Climate security

CAP works to ensure that national security doctrines expand to include how destabilizing natural systems risks mass migration, conflict, pandemics, and unrest that can undermine foreign policy and global institutions.

Recent work


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