Inclusive Growth

Tax and Budget Policy

We are committed to promoting an economy that works for all, led by robust public investments and a more equitable tax code.

Packs of freshly printed U.S. $20 notes are processed for bundling and packaging.
Packs of freshly printed U.S. $20 notes are processed for bundling and packaging at the U.S. Department of the Treasury's Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington, D.C., July 2018. (Getty/AFP/Eva Hambach)

What We're Doing

Promoting a progressive, pro-growth tax code

We work toward advancing progressive tax reforms that support broad-based economic growth, raise revenue, and require the wealthy to pay their fair share. Areas of focus include improving the taxation of income from wealth, reforming corporate taxation, and improving the design of tax expenditures.

Supporting robust investments in people and public goods

We believe that public investment is a precondition to robust and inclusive growth. We advocate for U.S. budget policies that adequately invest in families and public goods such as climate, education, R&D, health care, and economic security—and for budget processes that facilitate sound fiscal policy.

Expanding tax credits that reduce poverty and benefit families

We work to expand vital tax credits, such as the child tax credit and earned income tax credit, that combat poverty; help families meet basic needs; improve the health, well-being, and future prospects of children; and reduce racial disparities.

Improving tax administration and enforcement

We seek to improve tax administration and enforcement and reverse years of Internal Revenue Service funding cuts. We are focused on ensuring that the IRS can hold wealthy and corporate tax dodgers accountable and provide quality service, including free tax filing, to ordinary, honest taxpayers.

Recent Work


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