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PRESS CALL ADVISORY: CAP Action, Latino Decisions, & America’s Voice Analyze Recent Polls on Immigration, GOP Candidates’ Disconnect, and Results of DOJ’s Civil Rights Investigation on AZ Sherrif Arpaio

Polls and the Public’s View of Immigration: Why Aren’t Candidates Listening?

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Contact: Laura Pereyra
Phone: 202.741.6258

Washington, D.C. — The issue of immigration, and in particular what to do with the 11 million undocumented people in this country, has dominated almost every GOP presidential debate, with some candidates fumbling for answers and others fantasizing about civilian review boards. Most recently, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney laid out their stark views on immigration. This Thursday, GOP presidential candidates will again go head-to-head to discuss the issues, including immigration, at a debate in Iowa hosted by Fox News and the Iowa Republican Party. Though the candidates like to talk to Americans about immigration, do their views reflect any understanding of Americans’ opinion of immigration? How is the discussion of immigration by the GOP candidates sitting with the Latino community? The Center for American Progress Action Fund will be releasing a brief analysis of five recent polls—from Fox News to Latino Decisions—that illustrate how the vast majority of Americans support sensible solutions on immigration, reject mass deportations, and reject tearing families apart.

Additionally, there will be a brief discussion of the effects that today’s Department of Justice announcement on the results of Arizona Sheriff Arpaio’s three-year civil rights investigation, allegedly accused of using discriminatory tactics in immigration patrols, will have on the immigration debate going forward.

Please join CAP Action’s Angela Kelley, Vice President for Immigration Policy and Advocacy; Marshall Fitz, Director of Immigration Policy; Latino Decisions’ Matt Barreto; and America’s Voice Lynn Tramonte on a press call to discuss the immigration positions of the GOP and analyze the views of the American people on immigration based on recent polls ahead of Thursday’s presidential debate in Iowa.

What: Press call to discuss the immigration positions of GOP candidates and an analysis of recent polls that suggest Americans support pragmatic solutions on immigration.


Angela Kelley, Vice President for Immigration Policy and Advocacy at the Center for American Progress Action Fund

Marshall Fitz, Director of Immigration Policy at the Center for American Progress Action Fund

Dr. Matt A. Barreto, Latino Decisions

Lynn Tramonte, Deputy Director at America’s Voice 


Thursday, December 15, 2011, at 1:00 p.m. EST/10 a.m. PST

Call info: 877.210.8943

Conference ID: 36835972  


Contact Laura Pereyra at or at 202.741.6258 to RSVP.

To listen to press call, click here.


**Please note that this call will be recorded. By participating in the call, you consent to be recorded.**


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