14,000 lives depend on Medicaid expansion.

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That’s the number of American lives that would be saved per year if every state followed one simple policy solution: Expand Medicaid.

Research shows Medicaid expansion is nothing short of lifesaving. Yet, elected officials in 17 states are still refusing to pursue it, blocking their constituents from the lifesaving benefits of the program.

A new Center for American Progress report estimates how much damage elected officials in non-expansion states are doing to their constituents. According to the report’s author, Rachel West, the harm is staggering.

In addition to saving lives, other key benefits would include reductions in infant deaths and uninsured opioid-related hospitalizations; and earlier and additional cancer diagnoses; fewer bankruptcies; and more money kept in families’ pockets.

Check out some key stats from the report:

  • Medicaid expansion would save 14,361 lives per year in the U.S.
  • Expansion would save 2,323 lives per year in Florida, 3,557 lives per year in Texas, and 1,497 lives per year in Georgia.
  • If Wisconsin were to fully expand Medicaid next year, local communities would save $247.1 million from enhanced public safety.
  • In Texas, families would keep a staggering additional $478.5 million per year.

Medicaid expansion is on the ballot this November in Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, and Utah.


“We deserve to have a representative who listens to the people.”

When Laura Campbell’s husband was battling multiple bouts of cancer, he had to leave his job—and their access to his employer-provided insurance was lost.

When the ACA became law, Laura, who has a pre-existing condition, no longer had to agonize over how to pay for her own vital medical needs. Her representative, Congressman John Katko (R, NY-24), ignored his constituents’ wishes and voted to sabotage the ACA and hike up premiums for New Yorkers.

This is an all-too-familiar story across the United States. Americans deserve to have their health care protected and their voices heard—not sabotaged to appease big donors.

Watch and share Laura’s story.

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