155 migrants forced to share one toilet

It’s another day in Trump’s America—and another day to stand up for what’s right. Get the facts to fight back.

Trump’s own government slams his human rights abuses

Imagine being forced into a cell with 154 other people—a cell meant to fit 35. Imagine sharing one toilet with those 154 people. Imagine sharing four showers with 756 others and being forced to sleep standing up in 80 degree heat.

That’s the reality for migrants being held in Border Patrol facilities in Texas.

Days after the news broke about the abuse of child migrants in detention facilities, a report from the Department of Homeland Security’s inspector general details more horrifying conditions in detention camps in Texas. Migrants are without basic sanitation, wearing soiled clothing for weeks, and suffering through outbreaks of lice, scabies, flu, and chickenpox.

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  • Lawyers and doctors who visited the camps in recent weeks said that conditions are akin to “torture facilities,” and described children so sick that agents would not allow the professionals near them.
  • Last week, stories from children being held in these facilities became public: “We are being kept in a cage…There is no room to move without stepping over the others. We were not given a mat to sleep on, so we had to sleep on the cold, concrete floor. The lights are on all the time.”
  • The report warns that conditions were so bad that agents began arming themselves against possible riots, and there was a marked increase in “drinking, domestic violence, and financial problems among their agents.”
  • Read the new Center for American Progress report laying out a progressive framework for addressing migration in the Americas, which is a key component of U.S. national security. CAP’s plan centers around understanding the root causes of migration.

Trump’s inaction on Russia “a serious threat”

As usual, Trump’s performance at the G20 summit was alarming and embarrassing for our country. Prior to the summit, Trump insulted our allies and praised hostile foreign leaders. His behavior with Russian President Vladimir Putin was not only a stark contrast, but part of a pattern that a new Pentagon report calls a threat to national security because it enables the Russian attack on America and other democracies.

  • MEETING WITH PUTIN: Trump “joked” with Putin about election interference and suggested that both countries “get rid” of journalists. Putin is notorious for imprisoning members of the press and killing journalists.
  • RUSSIAN ATTACKS CONTINUE: Meanwhile, “a new report prepared for the Pentagon suggests…that inaction in the face of Russia’s malign influence activities poses a serious threat to U.S. national security.” Trump and Senate Majority Leader McConnell refuse to do anything to combat the Russian attacks on our democracy that continue today.

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