If at first you don’t succeed, make things worse, then try, try again. That seems to be Republican leaders’ motto when it comes to repealing the Affordable Care Act. Amid a bruising recess, during which many members of Congress faced heat at town halls for their support of Trumpcare, majority leaders have continued working on their plan to strip health coverage from millions of people. And now, some Republicans think they may have reached a deal.

The new deal, which majority leaders hope will be able to unite the far-right Freedom Caucus and moderate House Republicans, is even worse than the previous version of the bill. The newest bill, which is expected to be introduced before Trump’s 100th day in office, allows states to seek waivers to get rid of protections for people with pre-existing conditions and to get rid of Essential Health Benefits like maternity care, prescription drugs, and hospital visits. Allowing states to strip these protections would cause premiums to skyrocket for people with pre-existing conditions, according to a new CAP analysis. Here are just a few examples of how much more insurers could charge people with pre-existing conditions this new bill.

  • Pregnancy: $17,060
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis: $26,180
  • Lung cancer: $71,880
  • Diabetes: $5,510
  • Drug dependence: $20,140
  • Asthma: $4,270

Many congressional leaders, particularly moderate Republicans, have promised not to touch coverage for pre-exiting conditions. That means they are likely to try to sell this bill as a more moderate version of Trumpcare that allows states “flexibility” in the kind of insurance they offer. But make no mistake: this bill would repeal crucial protections, making health insurance unaffordable for millions of Americans. It’s time to #ResistTrumpcare again.


#ResistTrumpcare. Congressional leaders are working to bring Trumpcare back. But over the last two weeks, people across the country have showed up to town halls and raised their voice to oppose Trumpcare. Congress needs to hear from you now more than ever. Let Congress know that we are watching and won’t let them strip health care from millions of Americans. All the tools you need to oppose Trumpcare at RecessToolkit.com and all the upcoming #resist events at ResistanceNearMe.org.


Waivers. They aren’t only for health care. Exxon Mobil is hoping to get a waiver that would allow the company to drill off the coast of Russia. Drilling in the area is currently banned by U.S. sanctions on Russia, but for the last few years Exxon has been getting permission from the Treasury Department to drill anyway. This most recent waiver request is hitting a couple different speedbumps: the first, the fact that Russia and the U.S.’s relationship has turned even more complicated and the second, that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson used to head Exxon Mobil. Stay tuned.

Missed Deadlines. The President’s still not following through on his promises—especially when it involves Russia. Back in January, after he half-acknowledged Russian cyberattacks in the US election, Trump pledged to have a cybersecurity plan ready to go in 90 days. Today is day 90. And where’s the plan? Surprise, surprise, it doesn’t exist.

#JusticeForJuan. ICYMI: this week we found out that the Trump Administration deported its first DREAMer, despite repeated promises from various officials—including Trump himself—that DACA recipients would be treated “with heart.” Yesterday, the Department of Homeland Security confirmed that Juan Manuel Montes had active DACA status at the time of his deportation. Here’s what you can do to help bring #JusticeForJuan.

Redefining “business dinner.” The Trump family has been doing it since January 20. On the same day that Ivanka Trump had dinner with Chinese President Xi Jinping, her company (which she still owns and profits from) saw approval from the Chinese government of three new trademarks. Ivanka seems to have inherited her dad’s knack for profiting off their new positions. Japan also approved trademarks for Ivanka’s business recently and trademarks in her name are pending in 10 other countries. Want to vote with your dollar? Check out the #GrabYourWallet campaign.


Fair scheduling. It is one of the biggest issues facing working Americans, but it isn’t one you hear much about. Unfair scheduling practices—which give employees little to no control over their schedules—are the norm for hourly workers: 40 percent of hourly workers receive their schedules less than a week in advance. That makes it almost impossible for workers to get ahead. Just-in-time scheduling, as unfair scheduling is often referred, prohibits workers from being able to take a second job, plan child care, attend classes, and more. More on the problem of unfair scheduling and what’s being done about it here.


Big Win. In a stunning move, Fox News fired long-time host and flagship anchor Bill O’Reilly. In case you’ve been under rock, O’Reilly recently came under fire for allegations of sexual harassment from several of women. This came after the removal of founder, chairman, and CEO Roger Ailes over similar allegations. The misconduct claims have plagued O’Reilly since at least 2004. Here’s a look back at O’Reilly’s storied career.

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