Past Event

Getting Wired for Progress

3:00 - 5:00 PM EDT

Whether you view our energy challenge through an environmental, economic, or national security prism, one thing is clear: we need to break our addiction to oil. For the United States, that requires a commitment to developing clean sources of energy and the construction of a clean-energy smart grid. While the Center for American Progress is developing policy proposals to get us there, advocacy groups across the political spectrum are working to mobilize the public, and lawmakers to turn these and other proposals into reality.

Join us on April 16, 2009 for the Internet Advocacy Roundtable’s program “Getting Wired for Progress.” This month’s panel features the internet strategists behind several of the leading campaigns pushing for a clean energy future. Learn how they are leveraging online strategies to educate and mobilize a diverse and broad-based audience of citizens and policymakers.

This month’s Roundtable is part of a national conversation on the smart grid and clean energy. To participate, join us on Twitter starting April 13 through April 20. Use the hashtags #grid and #IAR to help us organize the conversation.

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Kira Marchenese, Director, Internet Communications, Environmental Defense Fund.
Jake Brewer, Internet Director, Energy Action Coalition
Heather Lauer, Director of Online Strategy, Pickens Plan
Michael Silberman, Partner/Co-Founder, EchoDitto and former Internet Director, 1Sky
Michael Sherrard, Power Up America, Political Action
Brad Johnson, Research Associate and blogger,, Center for American Progress Action Fund

Alan Rosenblatt, Ph.D., Associate Director of Online Advocacy, Center for American Progress Action Fund