RELEASE: New CAP Action Tool Exposes Political Liability of Trump’s Twitter Distraction

Washington, D.C. — Today, the Center for American Progress Action Fund launched the “Twitter Presidency” tool, which exposes the deep disconnect of President Donald Trump’s erratic Twitter habits from the actual concerns of American families—one of the public’s greatest frustrations with him as president. The tool will provide a public, up-to-date tracker of the topics President Trump addresses on Twitter, from his many controversial statements to his petty fights and tirades against “fake news,” compared with how frequently he utilizes the platform to discuss issues important to the American people, such as health care and the economy. 

A recent Navigator poll reveals that 53 percent of voters, including 60 percent of independents, believe that President Trump’s ineffectiveness in passing legislation and long list of broken promises can be tied directly to him being “distracted by other unimportant priorities like petty disagreements and Twitter.”

The CAPAF tool shows the number of times that Trump has tweeted about: 

  • Fake news: 482
  • Preexisting conditions: 10
  • Witch hunt: 236
  • Middle class: 10
  • Crooked: 148
  • Prescription drug costs: 10

Navin Nayak, executive director of the Center for American Progress Action Fund, says: 

Hour by hour, all Americans hear from President Trump is a stream of petty personal fights over Twitter. The Twitter Presidency tool reveals what the American people increasingly realize: All the time Donald Trump spends on Twitter is doing nothing to improve their lives, and he’s been completely ineffective as president.

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