STATEMENT: CAP Action’s Perriello on Supreme Court’s American Tradition Partnership v. Bullock Decision

Washington, D.C. — Today the Supreme Court doubled down on its disastrous decision in Citizens United and Tom Perriello, President of the Center for American Progress Action Fund, issued the following statement:

As we’ve seen in recent months, millionaires and billionaires are now able and willing to dump "limitless" sums of money into our elections in order to buy their preferred candidate’s victory. Corporations aren’t people and our democracy shouldn’t be for sale. Despite mountains of evidence that their decision has opened the floodgates of special interest secret money into our elections—selling our democracy to the highest bidder—today five justices overturned a decision by Montana’s Supreme Court without even hearing any arguments.

If their original decision could be discounted as astoundingly naïve, this rejection of Montana’s anticorruption laws is a crass attempt to rig the political system to protect the powerful and lock in partisan political gains. For more than two centuries, a set of conservative ideologues have bemoaned that the Articles of Confederation were ever replaced by the Constitution. With shocking speed, there are five men trying to reverse what our nation’s founders long ago corrected.

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