STATEMENT: American Progress EVP Daniella Gibbs Léger Statement on ThinkProgress

Washington, D.C. — Daniella Gibbs Léger, executive vice president for communications and strategy at American Progress, issued the following statement regarding Sen. Bernie Sanders and ThinkProgress:

The Center for American Progress is a research institution focused on ideas and policy. ThinkProgress is part of CAP Action: It is editorially independent of both CAP and CAP Action and has been for years. We do not suggest, edit, approve or see their stories before publishing. And, in this particular instance, no one at CAP or CAP Action knew about this article or video’s existence before publication.
Indeed, ThinkProgress publishes articles with which we disagree. We cannot and will not muzzle ThinkProgress, an editorially independent journalistic enterprise, and we believe it’s wrong for any political leader to demand it do so.
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