Dr. Kavita Patel on the Omicron Variant and Pandemic 2 Years In

Daniella speaks with Dr. Kavita Patel about the approaching two-year mark of the pandemic, the omicron variant, and the importance of addressing long-haul COVID-19 symptoms and mental health.


Malcolm Nance on the 1-Year Anniversary of the January 6 Insurrection

This week, Daniella speaks with intelligence analyst and author Malcolm Nance to discuss his forthcoming book, the critical importance of strengthening U.S. democracy, and the one-year anniversary of the January 6 insurrection.


CAP Action’s Navin Nayak Recaps the Ups and Downs of 2021

Daniella checks in with CAP Action President and Executive Director Navin Nayak to reflect on key moments from 2021, from the January 6 insurrection to the American Rescue Plan.


Max Bergmann on Russia, Ukraine, and the Summit for Democracy

Daniella checks in with CAP Action Senior Fellow Max Bergmann, who breaks down the developing situation in Ukraine and President Biden’s recent phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin.


How the Build Back Better Act Will Cut Costs for Families

This week on "The Tent," Daniella chats with Seth Hanlon about the state of the economy and discuses the passage of the historic bipartisan infrastructure bill.


John Podesta on COP26 and the Build Back Better Agenda

This week on "The Tent," Daniella and CAP founder John Podesta discuss the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference and President Joe Biden's Build Back Better agenda.