Malcolm Nance on White Supremacy and the Capitol Insurrection

This week on "The Tent," Daniella and Jesse sit down with intelligence and foreign policy analyst Malcolm Nance to discuss the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol and the effort to impeach President Donald Trump for a second time.



David Daley and What’s Ahead for American Democracy

This week on "The Tent," Daniella and Jesse discuss the Georgia runoff elections and sit down with author David Daley to assess the state of American democracy.



Delaware State Senator-Elect Sarah McBride on Political Trailblazing in 2020

This week, Daniella and Jesse discuss the 2020 presidential election results and speak with newly elected Delaware state Sen. Sarah McBride (D), who will be the first openly transgender person to serve as a state senator.



The Appeal’s Daniel Nichanian on the Fight for Voting Rights in 2020

This week on "The Tent," Daniella and Jesse speak with The Appeal's Daniel Nichanian about persistent barriers to voting in the 2020 election and how the summer's protests around criminal justice reform and policing and shaped down-ballot races.