Impeachment Inquiry 201: Public Hearings

Daniella and Ed sit down with CAP Action's Sam Berger and discuss the implications of yesterday's public hearings on Capitol Hill with Trump administration officials Bill Taylor and George Kent.



Cornell Belcher Gets Real on 2020 Polling

This week, Daniella and Ed chat with pollster Cornell Belcher about recent 2020 state-level polling as well as the latest news in the impeachment inquiry.



Rep. Ted Lieu on Syria, Impeachment, and Accountability

Daniella and Ed chat with California Rep. Ted Lieu this week about the impeachment inquiry and President Trump's decision to withdraw troops from Syria.



Trump’s Ukrainian Affair With ‘The Asset’s’ Max Bergmann

This week, Daniella and Ed speak with Max Bergmann, host of "The Asset" podcast and Director of the Moscow Project, to discuss President Trump's attempts to pressure Ukrainian officials and the ongoing impeachment inquiry.



Impeachment and Joy-Ann Reid on the 2020 Primary

This week, MSNBC host Joy Reid joins Daniella and Ed to discuss the 2020 primary, her new book, and how the Trump administration has damaged U.S. institutions.



Stacey Abrams and the Fight for Voting Rights

This week, Daniella and Ed chat with Stacey Abrams, the former candidate for governor of Georgia, about the importance of protecting each American's vote and pushing for election reform.