Structural Reform and Governance

We work to ensure a more representative democracy that delivers results for all Americans through our government, courts, and in new digital town squares.

Volunteers help roll up a giant banner printed with the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution during a demonstration at the Lincoln Memorial on the National Mall, October 2010, in Washington. (Getty/Chip Somodevilla)

What We're Doing

Encouraging professional diversity on the federal bench

Despite recent historic gains, professional diversity on the federal appellate courts is severely lacking, with significant implications for the legal expertise underlying judges’ decisions. Our analysis identifies policy proposals to improve the pipeline for judicial diversity.

Advancing voting rights and countering election sabotage

With states introducing hundreds of bills to disenfranchise voters, new federal election standards are vitally needed. Our research makes the case for these standards and shows how the Freedom to Vote Act would counter state laws seeking to suppress voter turnout and sabotage valid election results.

Addressing social media’s threat to our democracy

In the wake of widespread disinformation about the 2020 general election, social media companies must modify their products and policies to mitigate threats to democratic legitimacy and public safety. We identify concrete steps that could help address health and election-related disinformation.


Recent Work


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