Brooke A. Butler is the campaign manager for Early Childhood Policy at American Progress. She leads advocacy- and coalition-based efforts to implement education, health, and immigration policy that benefits children from infancy to age 5 and to halt policy that does harm. Prior to joining American Progress, Brooke was the digital strategist at Advocates for Youth, where she developed online organizing and communications strategies to mobilize people in the fight for the sexual and reproductive health and rights of youth. She also has experience in electoral and advocacy campaigns from her time working in the New Paradigm Strategy Group, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and the South Carolina Democratic Party. In addition to her current work at American Progress, Butler is the movement building director of DC Abortion Fund, as well as the policy co-chair of Black Youth Project 100 D.C.

Butler holds a bachelor’s degree in economics with a minor in sociology from Ohio State University. She is originally from Canton, Ohio.