Yoram Schweitzer is a fellow at American Progress. He is also a senior research fellow and head of the Terrorism and Low Intensity Conflict Program at the Institute for National Security Studies. He has served in the intelligence community in Israel; headed the international terror section in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF); and was a member of the task force dealing with Israeli prisoners of war in the Prime Minister’s Office. After retirement from the IDF in 1998, Schweitzer was a private consultant on combating terror in the Israel Ministry of Defense and the Prime Minister’s Office.

His publications include: An Expected Surprise: The September 11th Attack and Its Ramifications; Al-Qaeda and the Globalization of Suicide Terrorism; Female Suicide Bombers: Dying for Equality (editor); Al-Qaeda’s Odyssey to Global Jihad; and The Islamic State: How Viable Is It? (co-editor).