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Trevor Sutton is a senior fellow with the Energy and Environment department at American Progress. Previously, Sutton worked at the U.N. Development Programme and International Organization for Migration, where he advised on anti-corruption issues. He also served as a presidential management fellow in the Office of the Secretary of Defense and as a judicial clerk at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. Sutton has published on a range of legal and foreign policy issues, including a book on the constitutional legacy of the war on terror written with Yale Law School professor Owen Fiss. Sutton holds a B.A. from Stanford University; an M.Phil. from Oxford, where he was a Marshall scholar; and a J.D. from Yale. He speaks Mandarin and French. In addition to his work at American Progress, Sutton is a senior adviser for foreign policy at Human Rights First.


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How the U.S. Can Fight Corruption After Trump In the News

How the U.S. Can Fight Corruption After Trump

Author Trevor Sutton argues that in order to fight international corruption, which threatens democracy and progressive values around the globe, the United States needs to address the shortcomings and lack of transparency in its own financial institutions.

Washington Monthly

Trevor Sutton

The Trump Administration’s Dangerous Indifference to Corruption Report

The Trump Administration’s Dangerous Indifference to Corruption

The Trump administration and congressional Republicans are rolling back U.S. efforts to promote transparent and accountable government across the world—putting private interests ahead of human rights and U.S. national security.

Trevor Sutton

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